About Us


Thank you so much for your interest about our product!

We are small family business who manufacturing wooden and wicker bicycle handlebar cup holders with personalized engravings!

These lovely bicycle cup holders are made by hand from different types of wood (ash, oak, aspen, elm, apple, etc.) and wicker as well. One cup holder production takes many hours of work and patience. Each cup holder is processed against moisture with a varnish or linseed oil.

Any customer can create his own engraving. All you have to do is┬ásend us a “Vector or Corel” file with your engraving idea!

Cup sizes:

Internal diameter 7.5 cm – 8 cm,
Depth 8.5 cm – 9 cm
Total height of 9 cm – 10 cm.

Each cup size may be slightly different from each other by a few millimeters, as it is made by hand, instead of the factory.


One cup holders with packaging weight is around 400 grams and the package size is 19 cm x 11 cm x 13 cm

* Shipping to US (and other countries outside EU) takes about 10 days

Best regards,